Fake Is Real HOPE Training

First Aid for Opioid Overdoses

Do you know how to help someone you suspect has overdosed on opioids? This one hour course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to respond to a known or suspected opioid overdose emergency.

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McClure Team

Fentanyl And The Pearly Gates

We all die. Northampton County Exec Lamont McClure admitted yesterday that even he is a mere mortal. He wondered whether, after it’s all over and he reaches the Pearly Gates, they’ll let him in…

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Lehigh Valley Live Press Release

‘Fake is Real’ Fentanyl Awareness Campaign Launched By Northampton County

Ben Miller was 17 when he was prescribed Vicodin after his wisdom teeth were extracted. After being overprescribed painkillers by Bethlehem Township-based Dr. Ajeeb Titus, who is serving a related prison term, he doctor-shopped for more scripts and tried Suboxone to curb his cravings, before being cut off cold turkey over a failed drug screen, his mother said…

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