Fake Is Real One Year Anniversary

1 Year Anniversary

As Fake is Real celebrates our one year anniversary since launching our Fentanyl Awareness campaign, we held a press conference to highlight our impact to the community in the past year and our plan for continued efforts in the year to come.

In the coming year, we will expand our initiatives with NARCAN distribution boxes in county buildings and other locations spread across the county, a digital memorial—a website interactive map of loved ones that have passed from Fentanyl in Northampton County, more NARCAN Drive Thrus, and continuing our  engagement with schools, community organizations, healthcare providers, and individuals directly affected by the fentanyl crisis. Our focus will be on prevention, early intervention, and access to treatment. Through community partnerships, educational programs, and the dissemination of life-saving resources, we will strive to ensure that every individual has the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and protect themselves and their loved ones.

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You can visit our resource center to learn more about the fentanyl epidemic and have quick and easy access to a variety of sources that can solve what you're looking for.