Fake Pills Kill.


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Join us on Broadway Street in Bangor, PA on Saturday, July 13th, from 12pm – 6pm! Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Fake Is Real, who will be onsite distributing FREE NARCAN and providing valuable information and resources.

We Honor Those Lost From Fentanyl Poisoning.

Our Fentanyl Memorial Map shines a spotlight on the heartbreaking toll of the opioid crisis in Northampton County. Take a moment. Take a look. Let’s keep their memories alive, and take steps to change this heartbreaking trend.

Fentanyl Poisoning: It Can Happen to ANYONE.

What’s Your Pill Trying to Hide?

If you found your pills online or through social media–know you’re taking a deadly risk. 

0 %

Are unaware that fentanyl is being used to create fake pills. 

7 out of 10

Pills bought on the streets contain lethal doses of fentanyl

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In 2022 in PA involve fentanyl according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Real Help Against Fake Pills

Often people seek out drugs for different reasons. They might be stressed, curious, impulsive, coping, bored — or maybe peer pressured to use drugs. Whatever the reason, fentanyl is a real risk often unknown to the person. Creating awareness around the myths and facts of fentanyl will make our community stronger.

Small Dose. Huge Risk.

In a typical 30 mg pill–it only takes 2 mg of fentanyl for a lethal dose. That’s about the size of a few grains of sand.

In 2021, fentanyls were identified in 77.14% of adolescent overdose deaths


Cryptic "Code" Emojis are being used to buy and sell fake pills

Fentanyl is commonly made into pills that look like real prescription opioids

Education About Fentanyl Poisoning

Educating teens about the dangers and consequences of fentanyl is crucial in reducing the number of fentanyl related deaths in our community. We have provided educators with resources and activities to give their students the knowledge needed to combat this epidemic.



Being a community advocate for fentanyl awareness can save lives. It’s easy and anyone can do it. Learn how to help your community here.

Upcoming Community Events

Check out our upcoming community events we are attending. Stop by to learn more about our campaign, sign up for our newsletter and get some Fake Is Real swag items.

Do You Want to Help Spread the Word?

Using social media to spread fentanyl awareness is crucial in the fight against fentanyl. We have provided everything you’ll need to raise awareness. Share with your friends, family, peers, coworkers and the community.


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